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Part 103 Training

By the end of 10 lessons you should have a good understanding of all the basic skills. By the end of 15 to 20 lessons you should be able to fly with the control and confidence necessary for safe solo flight. A few students take less time and others will take more.

FAR Part 103

Subpart A -- General
Sec. 103.1 Applicability.
Sec. 103.3 Inspection requirements.
Sec. 103.5 Waivers.
Sec. 103.7 Certification and registration.
Subpart B -- Operating Rules
Sec. 103.9 Hazardous operations.
Sec. 103.11 Daylight operations.
Sec. 103.13 Operation near aircraft; right-of-way rules.
Sec. 103.15 Operations over congested areas.
Sec. 103.17 Operations in certain airspace.
Sec. 103.19 Operations in prohibited or restricted areas.
Sec. 103.20 Flight restrictions in the proximity of certain areas designated by notice to
Sec. 103.21 Visual reference with the surface.
Sec. 103.23 Flight visibility and cloud clearance requirements.

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