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Sport Pilot Training Materials

I have found the following materials necessary or useful to prepare for the FAA Sport Pilot written test and for pilot education in general:

Weight Shift Control Aviation Handbook by Eric Johnson – basically a rewrite of the FAA classic Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge with lots of additional information specifically about trikes and Sport Pilots. The most useful trike reference I’ve found. Only available from Kemmeries Aviation.

Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-5) – a lot of work went into this new, official WSC handbook and virtually every point is illustrated with a photograph or drawing. Includes a section on night flying. Every instructor should have a copy of this in their library. Available in 2 forms: Free PDF download from FAA - or - in print from Adventure Productions

Trike Flyer’s Manual by Mark Phillips – a brief and concise “how to” book for trike flying. I’ve used this book since I started training and still recommend it. May no longer be available :(

Learn to Fly a Trike (video by Paul Hamilton) – visual reinforcement of some of the information in the 2 books listed above.

King Schools Sport Pilot Exam course on CD-ROM – An excellent melding of video presentations and practice tests. The Kings do a fine job. (Unfortunately, this is not a replacement for the material listed above.)

FAR/AIM (Federal Aviation Regulations / Airman’s Information Manual) – indispensable reference for the rules governing pilot training and certification (Part 61), flight rules (Part 91), Ultralight rules (Part 103), airspace definitions and rules (AIM), and airport markings and procedures (AIM). Available online at …

Practical Test Standards; Sport Pilot for Weight-Shift Control, Powered Parachute and Flight Instructor (FAA-S-8081-31) – The FAA standard for training and practical testing procedures. Essential.

CPS catalog – terrific reference for operation of Rotax engines and ultralights in general. They have everything I need in stock, they are generous with assistance, and their service has always been great. I am happy to support Mike and don’t mind paying a little premium for value received.

Sectional Chart – THE map used for VFR navigation. Issued twice a year. Always carry A CURRENT sectional in your trike when you leave the airport vicinity – even if you plan to navigate by GPS. I use a kneeboard in flight. I’ve never even TRIED handling a sectional in the air and I wouldn’t recommend that you try it either.

AFD (Airport Facility Directory) – the official source for airport information and procedures. Updated quarterly. There are alternatives to this book that better illustrated and easier to use but they are more expensive and must be updated continuously to be reliable.

Plotter and Flight Computer – Necessary for cross-country flight planning. Many variations are available and they all work. I use a manual E6-B (designed in 1932 or maybe even earlier) but the electronic units work well for someone who has never used a slide rule and doesn’t want to learn now.

“Test Prep” material – A variety of books or software that feed you test questions. These items will help you pass the written test but are NOT sufficient primary sources of information. Paul Hamilton’s “Checkride” book is outstanding in this group.

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