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Shopping for a Trike?

The price of new 2-place trikes has sky rocketed under the double-whammy of changed FAA regulations for aircraft certification and the falling value of the US dollar. We have seen many less expensive makes and models disappear, a big jump in prices for familiar trikes that are still available, and several new models of high-end trikes priced well over $50K. The good news is that there are some great buys on used trikes. Check out "trikes" on Barnstormers for a good selection. The other good news is that the price of the few Part 103 (ultralight) trikes has remained fairly stable and affordable.

My current advice? - revised 4/3/2009

Airborne - I don't know anyone who has been disappointed with an Airborne trike - new or used. High quality and excellent design. A complete line of 2-seat trikes from light 2-stroke to 4-stroke touring machines. Replacement parts seem to be readily available from the manufacturer. I don't think you can go wrong.

AirCreation - High prices but you will get what you pay for. The Tanarg is still the top of my list but it's price puts it out of range for almost everyone. If you can afford it you will enjoy it. Neil Bungard and Mike Globensky are scrambling to fill the void left by the retirement of John Kemmeries.

Apollo - This product line is improving with experience. The Monsoon is an appealing trike.

DTA - I like the Voyageur. A lot of Euros but this must be the most rugged trike ever. When I go around the world this will be my ride.

Magic Trikes - Very attractive Part 103 legal trikes.

NorthWing - Steady evolution has improved these trikes. Still our only compete US manufacturer. Two-place and single place trikes and wings.

Pegasus - English trikes for those looking for speed.

Aeros - An excellent value and a new US distributor but no plans for ASTM compliance.

Antares - The trikes I have flown for 6 years and still believe to be excellent used buys. The only approved 51% kit - can be certified as Experimental Amateur Built (EAB). Don't expect new production or strong dealer/factory support.

There are some others that I'm less familiar with  ...

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