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Sport Pilot Training

Before September 2004 virtually all trikes were flown as ultralights under Part 103 of the FAA regulations. 2 seat trikes were flown for training only, had to be registered with one of the ultralight organizations, and had to be flown by an instructor (or under the supervision of an instructor) who was also registered with one of the organizations. Since September 2004 the FAA has opened another path to the sky – pilots can now obtain an FAA Sport Pilot certificate for Weight-shift aircraft and trikes can be certified as Light Sport Aircraft.

Sport Pilot certification ensures a higher standard of training for pilots. It also allows pilots to fly FAA certificated aircraft and to carry a passenger without becoming instructors.

Sport Pilot students will start by learning to fly the trike and will continue with cross-country flight training, solo flying, and specific preparation for the Sport Pilot Practical Examination. Students will also complete an informal written test before solo flight and a formal "knowledge test" before their Sport Pilot checkride.

My List of Useful Sport Pilot Training Materials

Sport Pilot Training Milestones

Regulations Covering Sport Pilot Training for Pilots of Weight Shift Aircraft

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