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Why I Fly Trikes

Trikes have several advantages over other types of ultralights and other aircraft including enhanced safety, easy storage and set-up, airworthiness and maneuverability, and versatility.

A Trike is:

· A Hang glider with a seat, motor, and wheels

· Simple - direct control of the wing, no pulleys, pushrods, or bellcranks

· Convenient - store in your garage and still have room for your car! Set up in 30 minutes.

· Capable - fly around the farm or around the world!

· Slow flying

· Excellent for short, rough, or soft fields

· Capable with wheels, floats, or skis

· Easy to fly but more physically demanding than an airplane (think motorcycle compared to a car)

· A powered aircraft with a pivoting wing attached to a carriage. Roll and pitch are controlled by moving a control bar attached to the wing.

A Trike is NOT:

· Aerobatic

· Forgiving of poor ground handling technique in high winds, gusty winds, or cross winds

· For everybody!

In most cases Trikes must be registered with FAA and flown as experimental light sport aircraft. Some single-seat trikes can be operated as ultralights which do not require pilot or aircraft certification.