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Trike flying is not hard to learn but proper instruction is very important.

During instruction you will learn how to control the trike in normal and challenging conditions, how to deal with difficult conditions, and how to recognize and avoid dangerous conditions. You will hear lectures, watch video tapes, and read about aerodynamics, maintenance, weather, navigation, health, airport operations, and regulations appropriate for trike flying. We will discuss flight operations and a variety of take-off and landing techniques. We will spend our time in the air developing your flying skills and situational awareness. Most important, you will have the opportunity to make the mistakes that all beginners must work through and then learn from your experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

We will stress safety in all stages of training.

As in all sports, trike flying is not without risk but with an aircraft that is well built and maintained, and with a pilot that is properly trained, focused, and aware of the flight environment, trikes can be one of the safest ways to enjoy the exhilaration of flight.

By the end of 10 lessons you should have a good understanding of all the basic skills. By the end of 15 to 20 lessons you should be able to fly with the control and confidence necessary for safe solo flight.

Pilots seeking FAA certificates will require additional training and preparation for tests and checkrides.

More Information About Our Training Programs

Part 103 (Ultralight)            Sport Pilot            Private Pilot                   

Flight Instruction:  $120/hour airtime (includes pre- and post-flight briefing)
Ground Instruction: $40/hour
Lesson Package: $2000 ($2300 value) - Package includes: 15 hours of dual flight instruction, 10 hours of ground instruction, Ground School Materials, Log Book, Pre-solo written test. (This is the minimum dual instruction required for Sport Pilot. Students will need additional solo flight time and will probably need additional dual instruction before they are prepared to take the Sport Pilot practical test.)